Niagara Falls – An Enchanting View

If you have a plan to travel, and a waterfall is something on your mind, then get ready to pack your bags and head to Ontario, Canada. The enchanting view of the Niagara Falls is something that will leave you spell bound. This water fall is the strongest in the whole of North America, and also the most famous waterfall in the world.This hot destination is famous for honeymoon destination, and thus pulls in crowd of the newlywed s and also couples. This does not mean that families are not invited. The falls are a great site for your kids too. The Niagara Falls is situated at 15 to 20 minutes from Buffalo and an hour drive from Toronto.This destination matches the same climate of that of Toronto and Buffalo. Winters are extremely cold with heavy snowfall and the summers are hot and humid. However travelling to this charismatic destination in winters can be just as rewarding as one can take advantage of amazing indoor activities like Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Falls view Casino and the Great Wolf Lodge. During the Winter Festival of Lights the falls light up from November to January and are a great sight to see.The most popular time to see this falls is in summer. A must watch Maid of the Mist can only be seen from April to October. But going in this season may cost you a little bit higher in hotel rates.You can find diverse food options here according to your taste buds. Some of the best place where you can have a good meal is Casa Mia, a cozy Italian restaurant. The Niagara Fallsview Casino has lines of restaurant ranging from fine dining to casual dining.Some other events to see are:
Niagara Falls Festival of Lights
Niagara Wine Festivals